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Worms found alive in shuttle wreckage

May 1 2003

Cape Canaeral, Florida: Hundreds of worms being used in a science experiment aboard the space shuttle Columbia have been found alive in the wreckage, NASA said today.

Boy 'pregnant' with twin brother

The operation was carried out by surgeons in Kazakhstan
A seven-year-old boy who was admitted to hospital with stomach pains was actually "pregnant" with his twin brother.

Doctors at Chimkent Children's Hospital in Kazakhstan originally believed Mourat Zhanaidarov was suffering from a cyst.

But during surgery, they discovered he was in fact carrying the dead foetus of his twin brother.

The foetus had developed into a tumour but was found to have hair, nails and bones.

Picked up FEVER TO TELL by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Prosecutors Charge Woman in Sex-Money-Crime Tale

Wed April 30, 2003 09:10 AM ET
By Erik Kirschbaum

BERLIN (Reuters) - Prosecutors have charged the young widow of Germany's wealthiest plastic surgeon with planning a brutal burglary that resulted in the death of her elderly husband -- the country's top breast implant specialist.

State prosecutors in the Bavarian town of Nuremberg say Tatjana Gsell, 31, was arrested on suspicion she was the mastermind behind a January robbery in which her estranged husband Franz Gsell, 76, was savagely beaten with an axe.


Reason I've been slacking on the updates?

Writing comics.

Most of which you know about, one that you don't and that I'm not at liberty to talk about just yet.

That's it. Now lemme 'lone.

"Anti-US activist : An activist sporting body paint protests against US agression in Iraq during a demonstration outside the US embassy in Jakarta. (AFP/Weda )"


BATTLE ROYALE 2 trailer.

(It's the one at the bottom of the page.)

An amateur sumo wrestler (R) holding a baby (not seen in picture) faces another baby during a baby crying contest at Sensoji temple in downtown Tokyo April 27, 2003. Seventy babies participated in the event which is held to wish the babies' health and growth. The loudest crying baby will be the winner in the event, which is held in many towns all over Japan. REUTERS/Kimimasa Mayama


Satellite Could Crash in Amazon

BRASILIA, Brazil (Reuters) - The Brazilian Space Agency said on Thursday an Italian satellite that was deactivated last year may crash in the Amazon jungle in the coming days.

The agency said Brazilian authorities had been contacted by the Italian Space Agency, which estimated the satellite, the BeppoSAX, was most likely to re-enter orbit on May 1 but could crash to Earth any time between next Tuesday and May 4.


The Dirt: Big Brother Skateboarding magazine indicates Johnny Knoxville has signed to play Nikki Sixx - the film adaptation of the Motley Crue-penned book


'Bunker buster' missiles aim at Moon

Lunar penetrator prototype
Tests have been carried out on ground penetrating missiles using 'bunker buster' technology that could be fired into the depths of dark lunar craters to look for ice.

The proposed mission is called Polar Night, a lunar orbiter that would fire instrumented missiles towards the surface of the Moon.

Tests performed recently in New Mexico have shown that scientific equipment could survive the rapid deceleration of striking the ground and being buried a few metres beneath the surface of the Moon.

The researchers hope that Nasa will approve their mission early next year for a 2007 launch.




Pin-Up Priests Raise Eyebrows

ROME (Reuters) - Twelve young priests have raised eyebrows in Italy by joining the ranks of housewives and porn stars in posing for a glossy calendar -- albeit somberly dressed in long, dark robes and broad-rimmed, traditional hats.



ODB Rejoins Society (Kind Of).

One final Dirty note: When ODB is finally free to move around on his own, he will be shooting a reality show pilot for VHI, tentatively titled “On Parole With ODB.


Honda Motor Co's humanoid robot ASIMO waves as it walks through Tokyo's Takashimaya department store where it made its debut as a department store clerk apprentice for customer services April 21, 2003. On a one-year loan contract, ASIMO started training in welcoming customers, guiding them to elevators, and providing information about store events.REUTERS/Eriko Sugita

Not shown: ASIMO leading customers in "puttin' their hands in tha air and wave 'em like they just don't care" and the subsequent slaughter of every living thing within a three mile radius.

In a related robot-murdering-the-populace story:

the Wes Craven film "Deadly Friend", is still pretty terrible.

Brain-Damaged Boxer Ends Marathon After Six Days.

LONDON (Reuters) - Former boxer Michael Watson who suffered near fatal brain damage in a world title fight finished the London Marathon on Saturday -- six days after setting out on the 26 mile course.
Fotolog update.

Takeshi Kitano in:

From (all show times are central standard time.)

Apr 26 2003 9:00PM 003 - Cows and Cars Once again, we have pitted two of the most ferociously hateful groups on the planet, the Dairy Workers and the Automobile Workers of America. It's lactose versus Lube jobs. Who will win out?

Apr 26 2003 9:30PM 001 - Network Boss Longstanding rivalry between the Cartoon Voice Actors and America's Meat Handlers is finally settled. Vic Romano gives Kenny Blankenship advice on being a T.V. announcer. Games included: SINKERS AND FLOATERS, LOG DROP, WALLBUGGER, BOULDER DASH, and highlights from a HOG CALLING CONTEST.


How To Dress Emo.

After talking about "hulk hands porn" with Ellis, I attempted to find some.

Shockingly enough, I came up snake-eyes. So, in place of hulk hand pornography, you get Hulk Hogan rocking out instead.

Talk about a fucking disappointment.




grifted from:

LOS ANGELES - An aspiring rapper who has been charged with murdering his roommate and eating part of her lung did so as part of his record label's plan to cultivate a "gangsta" image for him, the victim's mother charged in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou?


Meanwhile, after "The Royal Tenenbaums", many have been wondering what in the hell is Director Wes Anderson up to next. Well, WesAnderson.Org has compiled a list of what to expect so far from quotes of the various people involved. Wes has done a script that is going to film in Rome from mid-September and follows an oceanographer. Bill Murray, Nicole Kidman and Owen Wilson are all tipped to star.


Masked Wrestler Wins Japan Assembly Seat

TOKYO (Reuters) - Who is that masked man? One of Japan's newest politicians.

A professional wrestler who fought his way to victory in local assembly elections under his ring name and wearing his trademark mask has vowed the mask will not leave his face even after he enters the staid halls of Japanese politics.

Knife Thrower Slices Assistant on Live TV

LONDON (Reuters) - A record-breaking knife thrower shocked Britons on Thursday when one of his daggers sliced into the head of his assistant on live TV.
Circus performer Jayde Hanson, 23, was demonstrating his skills when one of his knives hit his assistant and girlfriend, 22-year-old Yana Rodianova.

As she clutched the side of her head, horrified presenter Fern Britton shouted: "Oh my God, there is blood, quick -- get her off."

Doug VS. Brian

But who is the mysterious "B-MAN"?


Fotolog update.

'Girls Gone Wild' producers arrested on racketeering charges

Rapper Snoop Dogg Unscathed as Bullets Fly in L.A.



Police investigate 'murdered' girl's reappearance

Cheery, aint he?
ODB goin' FREE!

Thirty-three year-old ODB will also be
launching his own urban clothing line
called Dirt McGirt and a line of
underwear entitled Ol' Dirty Drawers.



What the kids are raving about these days:



If you bought me this, I'd love you forever.



High Fashion meets SARS .


1,000 Steps to World Domination by Rob Osborne.

I'd like to thank Blogger-Poor for fucking up my site and deleting everything. You rock.


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