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Louie was purchased in Chicago about three and half years ago and has never received exposure to natural sunlight.

"She had always lived inside and without a UV light like yours. Approximately a year ago we noticed that she was hanging in a strange way so we took her to the vet. After she was examined, it was determined that she had rickets and also had an egg lodged inside of her. The vet kept Louie for quite some time and put her under your lamp as well as under medication. After about a month she lost both of her rear legs and eventually part of her tail. We thought that she would probably die but with your lamp and a little TLC she has done remarkably well. It is difficult for her to get around the cage however she does as well as she can with only two front legs.

Eventually she starting eating crickets again as well as having obtained a fondness for fresh ice cubes in her water bowl.

Louie sends fond regards.


Ken and Bonnie

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