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Disposable Boys

"I look back on my youth with great fondness, but would not recommend it as a working model to others"

-Hunter S. Thompson

Sums up the book just fine, I think.



Apparently, my nigga Neal Pollack (and by, "my nigga", I mean, a human being that I have not now nor have I ever had anysort of connection to other than what's concocted by my imaginatory fun factory) will be on the Daily Show with John Stewart this Thursday as opposed to last Thursday.

Watch it, then buy "Never Mind The Pollacks". Actually, buy two copies and send one to me. I'm serious. Do you have any idea how poor I am?

I love the ...

Yeah, yeah. For all my bitching about nostalgia, I dug the "I love the (__)" programming, mostly for it's unabashed mediocrity. Thank you, VH1 for reminding how mediocre my childhood was.

That's it. I've been away for five days and when I get back all you get is a two sentence diatribe about VH1 programming.

oh, how the mighty have fallen.


A moment of silence.

Fred "Rerun" Berry Dead.

Fred Berry was well into his 20s when he was cast as a high-schooler on the 1970s sitcom What's Happening!! Well into middle age, he was still playing the role.

Berry, who portrayed the beret-wearing, suspender-clad teen known as Rerun on the 1976-79 series, and was rarely without his signature accessories in the nearly quarter-century since, was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment Tuesday, E! has learned. He was 52.



Unexpectant mom shocked by birth

SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) -- An Australian woman got the shock of her life when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy just three hours after learning she had been pregnant for nine months.

Carolyn Hounsell, 27, went to her doctor with stomach pains and was admitted to hospital, The Daily Telegraph reported this weekend. A few hours later, the care worker said she got "a very big shock" when she delivered a 3.6 kilogram boy.

"I'd had some indigestion," Hounsell said, according to the newspaper.


sleep well, gentle prince.

Pinellas County resident Mike Hegstrand – who was one half of a popular tag-team known as the ‘Road Warriors’ - passed away in his sleep early Sunday morning he was 46. Cause of death has not been determined.

Several years ago Hegstrand developed a heart condition called Cardiomyopathy and had recently worked his way back to the ring. Back in the 1980s Hegstrand, who went by the name ‘Hawk’ when he wrestled, teamed with partner Joe Laurinatis to form one of the most dominant tag-teams in pro wrestling history.

The pair was known for their wild antics, muscular builds and colorful ring attire.


Top assassins walk on water

Some of the practitioners of Japan's darkest traditional arts have just battled it out to determine the country's champion ninja, according to Shukan Shincho (10/23).

Battling it out in such events as Walking on Water, Moat Wall Climbing, Moat Wall Diving, Water Spider River Crossings and Star Throwing, combatants took part in the All Japan Ninja Championships.



"Emilio Rompiero (a.k.a. ROMP) is a shy, delusional, teenage boy who has convinced himself that he is the ultimate street-fighting superhero, in spite of the small fact that he was born WITHOUT ANY ARMS!"

-Makes an appearance in the sevendust video ENEMY.
-official website here (not yet active)
-Comic book from Image Comics in December.
-Written, drawn and created by Adam Pollina.


Fuck Kill Bill.

Martial arts expert kills two raiders.

A Chinese martial arts expert was in custody yesterday after turning the tables on four burglars armed with knives, killing two of them and seriously wounding a third.

The 28-year-old man, known as "the doctor" for his practice of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, managed to seize one of the two knives carried by his assailants and saw off the entire group with the ferocity of his reaction.

No news is pie news

I've you've been reading the site for the last few weeks, then you're aware of the fact that I've been dong some comic-related-lawyer-wrangling. As of today, I'm done dealing with the lawyer. I finally received the contract that I should've had two weeks ago.

The contracts in the hands of another party at the moment, they've signed off on it. Things are good, but I'm not talking till I've got all the t's are crossed.

But eagle-eyed readers and close friends should be able to figure out what the haps is. Couple more weeks until an actual announcement.


Kill Bill Vol 1

Maybe I'm just hard to please, but it really wasn't that great. Honestly, I could't remember anything memorable about the movie a mere two afters after viewing it.


91-Year-Old Pleads Guilty in Bank Robbery

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) -- A 91-year-old man who walks with a cane and is hard of hearing pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing nearly $2,000 from a bank, his third such robbery in less than five years.

Leaning on his cane and wearing a headset to listen to the judge, J.L. Hunter "Red" Rountree initially responded "not guilty" when asked for his plea.

"I mean, `Guilty,'" Rountree later said. "I'm sorry."

It's not your heart that's broken, it's your brain.

Social rejection may affect brain as much as physical pain. A rejected lover’s broken heart may cause as much distress in a pain center of the brain as an actual physical injury, according to new research.
Dear lawyer,

When you say that you'll have something to your client by a certain day, your client takes that to mean that it will be in their hands on the aforementioned and agreed upon day.

Not three days later, not even two weeks later.

For future reference, get off your ass and get the work done, I mean the what the fuck am I paying you for? To offer up half-assed excuses and tell me that you haven't had the time? If you don't have the time then don't make up an unrealistic deadline that you can't possibly meet.

You look unprofessional and you're making me look unprofessional.


It's spectre-acular


A Happy Meal gone sad

A Portland man who says he got more than he asked for at a fast-food drive-through window is suing a local McDonald's franchise and its parent corporation for assault.

Kenneth Hanlon, 35, claims he was beaten by two employees of the Westbrook McDonald's on Brighton Avenue after he argued with a server over the bill for two fish sandwiches and an order of chicken nuggets.

..."It was a Happy Meal gone sad," Hanlon's lawyer, Daniel Lilley, said in explaining the case Monday after the trial's first day. "We like to say, 'You deserve a break today, but don't break my head.'

Mafia used "double-decker" coffins to bury victims, court told

NEW YORK (AFP) - A New York gangster family said to be the inspiration for the hit TV mob drama "The Sopranos" used "double-decker" coffins to dispose of their murder victims, a Manhattan court has heard.

According to the New York Post on Tuesday, mafia turncoat Anthony Rotondo told jurors that the DeCavalcante crime family had used the coffins to secretly bury the victims of mob "hits" along with the bodies of those who died more natural deaths.

Rotondo said the double-decker coffins were being used as early as the 1920s and were the brainchild of Carlo Corsentino, an undertaker member of the DeCavalcante family who lived to be more than 100 years old.

The cast of Predator is continuing its inevitable rise to dominance in the State Houses of America.


Futurephone dumping

olive meets grandf o xwhere cameras aren't allowed
christian disposalhooray for ethnicitymutilated puppy
St. Louis Comic Art Show. It museumcity museum skate park
somewherewhere i spend my days VS. the toy store
hard to believe she isn't mine
JKS for daily strips.
Old: part 1.

My fucking right knee is throbbing, and I have no idea why.


Giant THB Vol. 2 = Fuck yea! for more.


Man rules as Hobo King

Sneaking on railroad cars as a means of transportation is a lifestyle that isn't for everyone. In fact it's outlawed in every state. But there is a loose-knit family of old and young, men and women, who still consider themselves hoboes.

And being considered a hobo, or a rail-rider, isn't something Charles Gill of Rainbow City tries to hide, at least if the person asking doesn't work for a railroad company.

The retired General Motors employee, known by his hobo moniker as Hobo Spike, was crowned Hobo King last month at the 2003 National Hobo Convention held in tiny Britt, Iowa.

Two things:
1. I am now officially going to write a hobo comic.
2. National Hobo Convention?

Why not just genetically engineer women for milk?

Click on image for full story.


cognitive defectica OR things I never remember to talk about

- (2 weeks ago) Saw "The Lion King" (the broadway production)

-(1 week ago) Went to the city museum/hit the St. Louis Comic Art show.

- (All the time) Got lost driving. Twice. In my hometown. With directions from Mapquest.

- (Currently)Am still unemployed, but not for a lack of trying.

-(Since the last time I had a haircut) Need a shave and haircut. Badly.

Man killed leaping from car

A young man who told friends he wanted to jump from a moving car to earn a tattoo leapt from a Subaru at 40 mph Monday afternoon and died almost instantly.

The 20-year-old man, whose name was not released, died just after 12:30 p.m. Monday after he hurled himself out of the back seat of the car in the middle of Weaver Drive in south Jefferson County.

He had told two friends in the car that he planned to jump, said Colorado State Patrol Cpl. Sean Wheeler. But the friends didn't think he would do it, Wheeler said.

As they were driving him around, the two friends were trying to talk him out of it, he said.

"The person who jumped had been telling his friends for the last month that he needed to jump from a moving car so he could have a traumatic incident in his life so he could get a tattoo," Wheeler said.

Dracula Killer

A VAMPIRE killer told police he drank his victim's blood and "ate a bit of his head", a court heard yesterday.

Allan Menzies said he turned cannibal after knifing Thomas McKendrick through the brain and battering him with a hammer.

He added: "I am going to get 20 to 25 years, but I have got his soul."


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