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Santa Crashes from the Sky

BELGRADE (Reuters) - A helicopter carrying a man dressed as Santa Claus to street celebrations in a Serbian town crashed on Tuesday, injuring several people.

The helicopter crashed a few hundred yards from a crowd of children gathered to greet Santa in the central town of Kragujevac, witnesses and local media said.


Lance Romañce

Really, I don't even know how to explain it.

Just hit and check out the MP3's. With track titles like "Urinal, Urinal (My Love Is Astounding)" and "I Want To Stick It In My Roomate" not to mention Romañce's "touching" tribute to the space shuttle Columbia disaster, can you honestly afford to miss this?


Teenagers From Mars.

Rick Spears and Rob G. fucked up my Christmas by putting out a comic that's, in layman's terms, awesomer than any wrapped gift could be.

It's off-the-wall, touching, beautiful, and action-packed. It's everything I want from a comic.

It's the type of thing Quentin Tarantino should be doing, only Rick and Rob do it far better than anyone has the right to.


Let America Laugh: The Movie: The Dvd.


Ladies and Gentlemen... Larry Young.



(Press release stolen from Isotope.)


January 9th- Feb. 7th, 2004

"MR.CLOUD: paintings and drawings" marks the debut solo gallery show for animation and comic book storyteller Scott Morse. Featuring new works in a variety of media, Morse toys with ghosts, boxers, monkeys, and more, drawing influences from classic children's books to the graf scene.

2003 saw the release of two new graphic novels by Morse, THE BAREFOOT SERPENT from Top Shelf Productions, and SOUTHPAW from AdHouse Books. The former revolves around the life and films of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, while the latter features the struggles of a prize-fighting tiger on the lamb. 2003 also saw the rerelease of Morse's critically acclaimed VISITATIONS and the complete SOULWIND, both from Oni Press. SOULWIND garnered three Eisner and two Ignatz Award nominations in its initial release, and Morse was recently presented with the Attilio Micheluzzi Gran Premio in Naples, Italy.

In animation, Morse has worked as a producer, art director, writer, storyboard artist, and designer for studios including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Universal, Disney, Turner, and Chuck Jones, where he trained under master designer Maurice Noble.

Scott Morse's "MR. CLOUD: paintings and drawings" will debut on Friday, January 9th, at Meltdown Gallery, with an opening reception from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. Come join Morse in celebrating his first solo exhibition of new work. Refreshments and appetizers will be on hand.

7522 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046
Comics 323.851.7223 | Collectibles 323.851.7283 | Baby Melt 323.851.7288

Praise for SOULWIND:
"This is a real mystic adventure...the graphics are a visual adventure. This isn't run-of-the-mill comics stuff." -Maurice Noble, master animation and design legend

"Scott Morse's work is both innovative and thought provoking. I was intrigued by his rendering of Kurosawa's history, as filtered through the prism of an animator's mind. Mr. Morse has successfully lifted what might be merely mundane to captivating heights."
-Don Cheadle, actor

(Scott's one of my all-time favorite artists. Especially after finally reading THE BAREFOOT SERPENT this past weekend. So, check it.)


Dog VS. Tank


Disposable Boys

Below are the first three pages of artwork (sans dialogue) for DISPOSABLE BOYS. Art by Cristain Mallea. Script by Samuel H. Teer, who is me. Published by Mass One. Hopefully you'll be able to purchase this around September 2004 at the latest.

Over the next week or so I'll be adding some character sketches for the book on the DISPOSABLE BOYS page, so look for that. In addition to posting the script pages that correspond with this artwork seen below.

So, yeah. Stuffs happening.



Man, making comics is expensive. Expensive and AWESOME.

But yeah, expensive.



One hour and twenty minutes. That's exactly how long I was at my most recent employment opportunity before quitting. That's a new world record for me.

It's both funny and sad. Like a clown. Who cries. After getting hit in the junk. With a kitty. A dead kitty.


In other news...

My mouth fucking exploded. Alright, maybe not, but it definitely feels like a capable shrapnel device has gone off in my mouth-hole.

My entire jaw feels terribly brittle and ready to snap off at moments notice. My tongue has inexplicably developed as massive bruise on the left side. And no less than two canker sores have seen it fit to take up residence in the post-apocalyptic warzone that is has quickly become my head.

So, yeah.



The artbomb cats have set up a blog with all kindsa comics news. There's so much good shit there already that it'll make you love comics.

So come on, indie-hipsters-that-read-this-blog-but-pretend-not-to. Love the comics, because someone has to give a shit.




DISPOSABLE BOYS (96 pgs)has been completely scripted and last I looked at it I was pretty happy with it. I'm awaiting actual pages from artist Cristen Mallea. Once I get some of those, I'll add them to the DISPOSABLE BOYS page with some character designs.

THE GUIDE TO FAST LIVINGSTON (72 pgs) script is nearing completion, I'm about 26 pages from the end. It's turing into quite a learning experience, I'm definately doing less overthinking this time around and just trying to have as much fun with as I possibly can. No artist currently attached.

BOANTHROPOLOGETIC (??? pgs) may have to go through a minor rewrite. I'm planning on sitting down with the first 15 pages this week and making some notes. No artist attached.

There's a couple of other projects in the works but it's far to early to talk about any of them.


Ow ow ow ow ow

So far, it doesn't hurt so bad. Other than the fact that my mouth refuses to stop bleeding thus impairing my ability to call the oral surgeon and find out if my mouth should be bleeding this much, I'm pretty okay.

I do have prescription painkillers in the other room. Unfortunately, it's not oxycontin. Which bums my ass out as I was really looking forward to developing a prescription painkiller addiction.

In other not-mouthblood related news, it's Matt Fraction's birthday. Wish him well, he's good people.

Mouthblood part 2


I'm heading out within the hour to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed. So, If I'm gone for a few days that's because my wonderful summertime dream of having my teeth ripped from my jaw is finally coming true.

So, no posts for at least a couple of days, depending on healing ability.

EDIT to add: I only got three wisdom teeth removed. The fourth one, didn't exist and I got a strange look from the dentist when I countered his revelation by raising my arms in victory and saying "Hooray for evolution!".


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