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DISPOSABLE BOYS (96 pgs)has been completely scripted and last I looked at it I was pretty happy with it. I'm awaiting actual pages from artist Cristen Mallea. Once I get some of those, I'll add them to the DISPOSABLE BOYS page with some character designs.

THE GUIDE TO FAST LIVINGSTON (72 pgs) script is nearing completion, I'm about 26 pages from the end. It's turing into quite a learning experience, I'm definately doing less overthinking this time around and just trying to have as much fun with as I possibly can. No artist currently attached.

BOANTHROPOLOGETIC (??? pgs) may have to go through a minor rewrite. I'm planning on sitting down with the first 15 pages this week and making some notes. No artist attached.

There's a couple of other projects in the works but it's far to early to talk about any of them.
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