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Andi took me to see RENT last night down at the Fox Theater. This was the first time I'd ever seen it and I believe it was somewhere around the 30,000th time Andi had seen it.

I'm not very into things like "theater" or "musicals" or "misuse of quotation marks", but everytime I end up going to the Fox with Andi, I really find something else that I really enjoy but would've never sought out on my own.

And while I did enjoy the hell out of it, during intermission I told Andi what my version of the second half should be.

Everyone slowly dies of AIDS then at the very the end of the play we see that they're all buried in adjacent plots in a cemetery. A man in red leather jacket walks onstage with his back to the audience and... the familiar syth of THRILLER starts up.

The zombiefied cast rises from their graves performs a spectacular dance number to THRILLER.

The end.

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