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Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em.

At work this guy said to me " You shore've got curly hair there, Hammer."

And while I don't think I look anything like the guy, I'm nevertheless going to dig out my VHS copy of PLEASE HAMMER, DON'T HURT 'EM: THE MOVIE and watch it. Hopefully it's where I left it next to my New Kids on the Block videos, oversized Bart Simpson "Underachiever And Proud Of It" button and my dignity.

futurephone grid


disposable boys

Couple of unlettered pages to tide you over.


oh shit.


Test Tube

My buddy Scott Ziolko just put out his first mini comic and it's pretty fun stuff. He also recently did an interview with Vox Magazine, which can be found here.

Go check it out, Scott's good people and deserves that tall comics dollar.


Dr. Dunkenstein




I dropped $49.99 + tax on this today. I've watched only three episodes, but goddamn, I forgot about how gutwrenching some of the moments on this show were/are. Like Eli breaking his arm in episode two. Fuck, that shit's harsh.


I understand the individual words...

"Like many other fast-food restaurant chains espousing the less-is-more, healthy food approach, the maker of Big Macs and Happy Meals has unveiled a new menu item designed to get adults to eat healthier and exercise.

McDonald's is calling its new selection the ``Go Active! Adult Happy Meal.'' It will include a salad, bottled water, and even a pedometer and literature explaining the benefits of walking. "



The New Yorker has a nice, long profile of Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder, whose work I've become much fonder of over the last few months.

"Hudlin and McGruder have written a couple of scripts and a graphic novel together. The book, called “Birth of a Nation,” reimagines the 2000 Florida election fiasco in East St. Louis, Illinois, and has the city seceding from the union to form its own country, Blackland. (In Blackland, Denzel Washington is on the twenty-dollar bill.) It will be published this summer. "


Garden State




NASCAR ballet.

ROANOKE, Va. - The race has gone for almost an hour, and dancers in bright jumpsuits have started to crash in their midair leaps like a squadron of misfit superheroes.

Choreographer Jenny Mansfield frowns. They're supposed to look like race cars, she says, not superheroes. Two weeks before the debut of her new ballet, her dancers still haven't mastered the part.


Deth P. Sun

While taking a dump I refreshed myself with the artwork of Deth P. Sun via an older issue of GIANT ROBOT Magazine.

Apparently, Deth P. Sun has a website and is selling off his work.

It's work that I feel compelled to purchase. As should you.


The Gangsta Rap Coloring Book

Color 'em in, bitches!

Order it: hizzere.


I live with the Night of the Living Dead

In all actuality, Andi had some minor foot surgery done over the weekend. Still, it makes me feel like I'm sleeping with Romero zombie flick refugee.



I know, I know. Lack of updates. I apparently only updated FIVE times in the month of March.

I have no substantial excuses, just been busy working and whatnot.

Saw both Eternal Sunshine of the Spoltless Mind and Hellboy over the last three weeks. Loved them both dearly.

Still writing BOANTHROPOLOGETIC, which is only around Page 83.

THE GUIDE TO FAST LIVINGSTON sits on my harddrive waiting for an artist to open up.

And then there's DISPOSABLE BOYS... of which you can view the first twelve pages right here (Adobe Acrobat Reader required.)


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