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It's raining so hard that the midwestern masses have all huddled indoors from the big scary water drops from the sky. I'm included because a)I'm deathly afraid of tornadoes, to the point where I have monthy anxiety dreams about them (I often have a Green Lantern ring in these dreams, but that's another days subject matter)and b)because I'm a giant pussy.

In other news, I have no real other news. I did however, manage to plan out the next 6 comics that I want to write, which may mean that I've got some kind of terrible four color brain sickness. I've got at least three other ideas that aren't fleshed out, just random tidbits of information that I want to work into a story.

BOANTHRO is taking far longer than it should, as real life is slashing at the throat of my work time. Working 40 hours per week + coming home and trying to write for at least 20 hours + prepping to move = fuuuuuck.

Things'll settle and I'll get back into the swing of things, but for now I'm content with complaing about how tired I am

Also, I now have an AMAZON wishlist, for those who care, it can be found HERE

My birthday's June 5th. I'll be turning 23, the magical year when a young mans fancy turns into ... fuck it. Buy me something, I'm cheap and easy to please.

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