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My Napleon Dynamite review.

Imagine a retarded Max Fisher. That's it.


Sometimes I'm Stupid.

And I forget things like St. Louis has pretty decent comics scene.

Some of it can be viewed (and even purchased) here:


Happy Fired Day.

Got fired today. Not much else happened except that my cousin fon North Carolina, who I haven't seen in over 10 years just moved in to my parents house today. She showed me pictures of the war in iraq which my other cousin was/is in, pictures civilans probably shouldn't see.

My brother and I have come up with a great idea for opening a business, more on that later.

Applied at a couple of places today. Will continue that effort on the 'morrow.

The first five volumes of the Harry Potter series showed up on my doorstep this morning.

Going to bed now.



Now on video.

I dunno, dumb shit makes me go ha-ha.


Fantasy Football

Could someone please explain this to me? Is it like football with LORD OF THE RINGS queer-elf bullshit? Like an epic journey into the brutal heart of John Madden 2004 only to be stiffarmed by a tenacious defensive army of trolls with giant fucking broadswords?

Are there dragons? Tell me, there are dragons.

Talking tombstones.

LONDON (Reuters) - The dead could soon be speaking from the grave if an American inventor's plan becomes reality.

Robert Barrows, of Burlingame, California has filed a patent application for a video-equipped tombstone that will display a video message from grave's occupant.

"If his patent is granted, Barrows hopes that when people make out their will, they also leave a parting video with their lawyer," New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday.

The hollow, talking tombstone will include a flat touch screen and will house a computer with a microchip memory or hard disc. It will be powered by electricity from the cemetery's lighting system.





ACLU Fights to Save Hot Hot Nude Teen Camp

RICHMOND, Va. -- A lawsuit filed Tuesday challenges a new state law that effectively bans nude summer camps for teenagers, saying it violates the constitutional right to privacy.

The American Civil Liberties Union sued in federal court to keep the state from shutting down a no-clothing camp for juveniles in late July at the White Tail Park nudist camp in Ivor.

The law was passed in March in response to a weeklong residential camp for 11- to 18-year-olds last June at White Tail. It was the first in Virginia and only the third such au naturel camp for juveniles in the nation, according to the American Association of Nude Recreation.

Wheelin' and Dealin'

Residents say he sold marijuana from his wheelchair for years, cherished the time he spent with his adolescent daughter and died Wednesday at the hands of a vicious coward.

``It had to be some low-life with no backbone to do such a thing to such a nice man,'' said Lou-Ann Smith, a nine-year resident of the Ships' Cove Apartments in Fall River. ``My God, he was paralyzed and in a wheelchair.''

Smith and other residents found Ray DaVilla's lifeless body in the stairwell between the third and fourth floors of the high-rise complex. He lived on the fourth floor.

His neck was slashed, as was his chest, from armpit to armpit, she said. Near his bloody body was the wheelchair.

Smith said she spoke to DaVilla, 29, just hours before he was killed.

``We had a running joke about the wheelchair,'' she said. ``I always asked him for a ride through the parking lot to my car.''


Why Does Bill Cosby Hate Black People?

Bill Cosby went off on another tirade against the black community Thursday, telling a room full of activists that black children are running around not knowing how to read or write and "going nowhere."

He also had harsh words for struggling black men, telling them: "Stop beating up your women because you can't find a job."

..."Dogs, water hoses that tear the bark off trees, Emmett Till," he said, naming the black youth who was tortured and murdered in Mississippi in 1955, allegedly for whistling at a white woman. "And you're going to tell me you're going to drop out of school? You're going to tell me you're going to steal from a store?".

Cover song update.

I know this guy and he asked me to put the covers up online. His computer's broken, so because of his suffering, I will be leaving the covers up for as long as I'm illegally able to.

The second the shithammer comes down though, I'm narcing on all you bastards and getting off scott-free.

Word is bond.

Dear Harry Potter,

I tried so long to resist you. But I watched the first part of your epic saga and now I am smitten.

Do you too like me, more than a friend? Check one, please.

__ Yes __ Maybe __ No


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