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uberlist update.

1. Keep on keeping on at the Jay-Oh-Bee.
4. Save up enough cash to afford to pay an artist for THE GUIDE TO FAST LIVINGSTON.
5. Get THE GUIDE TO FAST LIVINGSTON on track for a 2005 release date.
6. Finish writing BOANTHROPOLOGETIC.
7. Start writing Untitled Harmonica Guy comic.
8. Start writing Untitled Fish People comic. no longer happening.
9. Spend time with Andi.
10. Get prepped to move out of my parents abode.
11. Get my driver's license.
12. Get a car.
13. Hit the Library more often and do more research.
14. Finish Fortress of Solitude.
15. Keep in touch with Jailbird Kevin.
16. Hang out with Not Jailbird Kevin.
17. Let shit slide off.
18. Catch some FROM THIS WE ESCAPE shows.
19. Set up DISPOSABLE BOYS release show with Jerome and Justin.
20. Hang out with Brian Potts.
21. Ignore Andi's mother.
22. Visit Scott in Colombia. Dude's had a house for like two years and you can't find the time to visit? Asshole.
23. Purchase and learn to play the harmonica.
24. Spend more time with Macey and teach her about life.
25. Get started on that hip hop career. Or at the very least start writing rhymes regularly again.
26. Get involved with putting on some art shows or something of that nature.
27. Drop some weight.
28. Exercise.
29. Cook actual meals more often. You love doing it, so do it.
30. Hang out with Amy sometime.
31. Get back in touch with J. Subs and Los Bros Schnelting.
32. Stop spending so much time writing comics and enjoy life. There is a real world outside of comics and it's pretty amazing.
33. Visit haunted ass Alton with Andi.
34. Do the Chicago thing again.
35. Keep in touch with the peeps you meet.
36. Write a stand-up routine. If you're going to criticize stand-up comics then you'd better be able to do better.
37. Perform stand-up routine.
38. Buy picture frames for the shit I need framed.
40. Get a nice, dressy photo taken with Andi.
41. Get a new computer. Hello, Apple.
42. Hit the Zoo.
43. Hit the Science Center.
44. Be more social.
45. Get the dot com all situated.
46. Get out to ISOTOPE and meet all the people I've been wanting to meet.
47. Get rid of comics I'm never going to read again. Donate them or give 'em out to kids on Halloween.
48. Stop being afraid of doing new shit because you think you suck at it.
49. Get a new backpack.
50. Buy one sketchbook. Start drawing on a regular basis.
51. Buy 3 notebooks. One for writing rhymes. Two for various comics related stuff.
52. Buy that thing you wanted to buy Andi for Christmas but it was to expensive and you didn't have the money.
53. Stick a minimum of $500 bucks into some kind of CD or something else that will make money over time.
54. Indian food. Pick a place and try it out.
55. Be less irritated with the dog. He's trying.
56. You have a lunch hour at work, use it.
57. Use vacation days, plan out a vacation with Andi.
58. Take more pictures. With both Futurephone and actual camera.
59. Snarky is funny, but not with people you love.
60. Write 3 pages a day.
61. Find time to start taking martial arts.
62. Get a credit card.
63. Digital Pre-Press for Comic Books. Buy it. Read it. Love it.

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